Welcome to Look Love!

Welcome to LookLove! OMG! We are SO excited you are here! Sabrina and I have never been so excited to share something with the world until now. Born from a true friendship and a mutual love for Taylor Swift and Lizzie Mcguire, LookLove emerged as more than a hair and...

Thoughts on Botox

Hey, babes!  Botox | What’s the deal?  Charisse and I are both fans of Botox and get questions on it daily. First of all, everyone will have an opinion to give you, so just listen to yourself. If you are unhappy with a few stubborn wrinkles, then get some botox,...

Travels in Spain – Part I

Hi guys! WOW! My first time writing a blog post. I thought it could be fun to talk about our recent trip to Spain or as we call it España. 💃🏼 All this talk began back in February. Jim and I were going to take a big trip in the month of July because the wedding...


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