Do you travel?

There are no limits to where we’ll go! From Charlotte to California, Charleston to Asheville, Mexico to Spain – we LOVE to travel!

What payment does LookLove accept?

We accept check, cash, Venmo and credit cards (processing fees may apply).

What does a hair + makeup appointment include?

Great question! This includes any choice of hairstyle on clean, dry hair and a full face makeup application with lashes.

Should my hair be clean or dirty?

​We prefer clean hair! However, use your best judgement. If you know your hair holds better when it is 1-2 days without washing, that’s great too!

What makeup brands do you work with?

We LOVE all brands. The majority of brands in our kits include Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, NARS, Too Faced, Stila, Glossier, MAC, YSL… the list goes on.

What should I do to prepare for my wedding day?

We recommend starting a facial regimen to get that skin to glow! However, no facials or face waxing within 2 weeks of the wedding day. Strengthen your strands by upping your conditioner game to a deep conditioning mask once a week. We highly encourage clip-in extensions and are happy to give suggestions.

What should I do for my makeup that morning?

Follow your normal everyday routine, just a lighter layer of moisturizer!

When do we get started on wedding day?

This depends on how many babes are getting beauty. We take 30 minutes per service (hair/makeup) and 1.5 hours for bridal hair + makeup. Here is a sample schedule:

7:30-8:00am SLOT 1 MAKEUP

8:00-8:30am SLOT 2 MAKEUP

8:30-9:00am SLOT 3 MAKEUP

9:00-9:30am SLOT 4 MAKEUP

9:30-10:00am SLOT 1 HAIR

10:00-10:30am SLOT 2 HAIR

10:30-11:00am SLOT 3 HAIR

11:00-11:30pm SLOT 4 HAIR

11:30-1:00pm BRIDE HAIR & MAKEUP

Does the whole bridal party have to get hair + makeup?

Only who is interested of course! We always suggest all the girls being photographed opt in so they are camera ready.

When should I schedule my trial?

​We recommend to book trials within 2 months of the wedding day so the skin and hair texture/color is similar.

How do I book LookLove?

Send us an e-mail at or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the contact page! We can’t wait to meet you!