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For a California girl, I sure do dodge the sun like a freakin’ vampire. There are people who can sit in the sun and turn the most gorgeous shade of caramel brown, and then there are people who sit in the sun for 15 minutes, turn tomato red, peel and then freckle-that’s me 🙋‍♀️Hi, I’m Charisse and I am the gal under the umbrella at the beach, purchasing 100 spf at CVS and setting an alarm on my phone to reapply every 90 minutes. Needless to say, self tanning skills have been on my resume for years. Normally, Sab would give me a spray tan, but under the quarantine Ive gone back to a few of my favorite products that give me that sun kissed glow I will forever lust after. While it doesn’t last as long as a custom airbrush tan, it gets the job done. Read on to learn about my sun-less essentials and a video tutorial with some tips on how to apply a streak free tan.

Tips for applying a streak-free tan:

  1. Always apply a thick lotion to act as a barrier cream on tops of hands, feet, ankles, knees and elbows.
  2. I like the look of a fairly natural tan, so I use 3 pumps per body part (calves, thighs, booty, tummy, etc.) If you like a darker tan, use the same 3 pump method but give your body a second coat to allow for some drying time in between.
  3. Use the babiest bit of mousse to blend the legs into the feet and the arms into the hands. I like to use a spongey applicator to buff it in.
  4. Wear baggy and breezy clothes during the drying time.
  5. When you first shower, DO NOT use any soap-only water. Try to wait 24 hours until you use soap on your body. Washing your hands as normal is fine.
  6. Moisturize like crazy after every shower to extend the life of the tan.

Must-have Products

Bali Body Self Tan Mousse in shade Dark

Bali body Self Tan Mousse

Bali Body Face Tan WaterBali Body Face Tan Water

Loving Tan Deluxe Self Tanning Mitt

Loving Tan Mitt

Loving Tan Easy To Reach Back Applicator

Loving Tan Easy to Reach Back Applicator



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