Taylor Swift-we LOVER you!

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In honor of our Queen B releasing a new album filled with mega hits that we’ll be blaring from our speakers, we wanted to celebrate in a very T. Swift way. It only seemed natural to complete our daily makeup routine with glitter hearts around our eyes! I swear, the fact that Sab and I called this a “work day” is beyond amazing. Now all we need is for her to release tour dates so we can pour the entirety of our bank accounts into those tickets.

Our Inspo

Taylor Swift Lover Cover Art

We had every intention of using duo lash glue and sprinkling glitter on the heart to make it pop…plans changed once we realized how messy glitter is and that our eyesight was more important 😀 Ya’ll, we laughed until we cried in taking photos of this ridiculous half thought out idea we had. LOL.

Sabrina and charisse glitter heart eyes for taylor swift

Who else is a major Swifty?! We CAN’T wait for her to announce a tour-fingers crossed. I wish I could choose a fave song but I just can’t! Apologies to Coop & Jim for the constant looping replay thats about to take place 🙂

Sabrina and Charisse Taylor Swift Glitter Eyes


xo, Charisse




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