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Botox | What’s the deal? 

Charisse and I are both fans of Botox and get questions on it daily. First of all, everyone will have an opinion to give you, so just listen to yourself. If you are unhappy with a few stubborn wrinkles, then get some botox, girl! I have had lines in my forehead since 6th grade, and it was always something I’ve never liked. I wish I didn’t give so many crazy expressions, but hey, that’s just me. I started getting my first injections at 23 as a preventative for later aging.

I’ve been around a whole lotta ladies after 8 years in the beauty industry and I’ve learned enough about Botox to write a novel… some will tell you it’s going to make you look OLDER later in life, and some will argue it will prevent more + deeper lines. I finally decided to try it myself after listening to all of these thoughts and opinions, and it’s great for me. I LOVE it! I have a big forehead and had some pretty deep lines so I started out with 30 units just in my forehead (that’s the only place I will probably ever get it). It takes about a week to see the full results, and to me, I just feel like I look as if I came back from a month spa retreat, nice + fresh + awake. Mine lasts anywhere from four to six months. I try to only get it twice a year and spend around $300 a session. Sometimes more sometimes less. There are a lot of great places to go to, but do your research and go to a place that is highly qualified, if this is something for you. My golden rule to any kind of injections or fillers is to leave the Groupon deals at the door! I hope this was somewhat insightful to you all, I wanted to put it into the universe because I know how many ladies are curious about it.

The lovely pics in this post are when I know it’s time to schedule a new appointment. I have no makeup on either, so you’re welcome. I try to let it breathe on easy days when I only have trials, and just slap on a ton of moisturizer!!

 XX, Sab


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