Travels in Spain – Part I


Hi guys!

WOW! My first time writing a blog post. I thought it could be fun to talk about our recent trip to Spain or as we call it España. 💃🏼

All this talk began back in February. Jim and I were going to take a big trip in the month of July because the wedding industry dies down a bit. I promised myself after last year I would take advantage of the downtime and travel. Actually, I take that back – I promised myself to always travel when I get the chance because y’all,  it is oh so good for the soul. After deciding we would travel somewhere around Spain we decided to ask Charisse and Cooper if they wanted to join! At this point, we truly didn’t know them THAT well as a couple, which can be terrifying because people can travel very differently, but we all took a chance and it PAID OFF! 

Jim and I spent numerous nights on our couch, wine in hand, surfing countless pages of blogs and Pinterest pictures trying to plan the perfect getaway! Finally, we landed on Barcelona, Seville, and Mallorca for a ten-day adventure. 

Fast forward a few months, LookLove was born (YAY!) and I knew there was no better place than Spain to capture the beginning of LookLove!

July 10th arrived and we were off to Barcelona. After 8 hours in the plane we landed, Coop Dawg got his first-ever international passport stamp, and we found our way to the hotel. 

We dropped our things and headed into the big city! The first meal in Barcelona was a seafood and chicken paella and man was it tasty! The rest of the day was spent walking all over town, a whole 12.3 miles, with major jet lag. After exploring the beach and drinking delicious sangria (my fave) we found a restaurant a few blocks away for dinner around 8 pm. All of us were EXHAUSTED! When we were paying the bill and dreaming about laying our heads on those soft sweet pillows, Jim’s really good friend from Australia, Matil and his girlfriend Hannah, made a surprise appearance. It ended up being an epic night that lasted until 3 am. 

Everyone was feeling fabulous the next morning at 6:30 am (NOT! Ha!) We were all dying inside, trying our best to get our little behinds to the train station to make our ride to Seville. Thankfully we had a five-hour ride to catch some much-needed sleep. 

We took a taxi to our next destination, the cutest modern Spanish Airbnb oasis centered in the most picturesque alleyway, complete with a rooftop terrace where we began our mornings and ended the nights. 

Our first full day in Seville involved lots of walking, sweating, beer + sangria drinking, and exploring every nook and cranny we could find. We stumbled into a beautiful public park and I laid eyes on tile that absolutely HAD to be the backdrop of a hair pic. We all stopped, I asked Sharita if I could give her a quick do for a photo, 15 minutes later voila! She was rocking some twists then gave me a funky braid and *yes* it made the perfect pic.

I always take away a new beauty tip from each place I go to. For Seville, Charisse and I were challenged because, of course, we wanted to look cute on our vacay, but we were battling some high temps which allowed us to test out some fun hair + makeup techniques that stood up to that spicy heat. We had some good times with the upper lip sweat, but stayed lookin’ real cute with good hair, lipgloss, and long long lashes, thanks lash boost! I always carry a misting spray in my purse and it definitely came in handy (the boys were fans too). I’m currently using PRIIA essential cover hydrating skin spritz. It has all the goodies in it rose water, white tea extract, green tea extract, licorice root, orange blossom flower water…. it is fantastic. 

I’ll end with this. Travel. It gets you out of your comfort zone and makes you see the world in a different way. You have a fresh perspective, it stimulates your creative brain, and the inspiration is endless.

p.s. shoutout to Cooper aka Coop Dawg aka Stage Daddy for holding all our belongings while we shot content for the site AND to my precious Jim for shooting all the photos for us! 

Well, until next time folks! Thanks for tuning in! Adios! 

Xo, Sabrina


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