Welcome to Look Love!


Welcome to LookLove!

OMG! We are SO excited you are here! Sabrina and I have never been so excited to share something with the world until now. Born from a true friendship and a mutual love for Taylor Swift and Lizzie Mcguire, LookLove emerged as more than a hair and makeup company, but also a community for women to feel confident while looking their absolute best. Hair and makeup are often referred to as vanity and can sometimes be portrayed in a negative light, but to us, its single-handedly the best way of expressing ourselves. You know you’re having a kick-ass day when your eyeliner is even, your hair is full and your outfit is on point. When Sab and I set out to create LookLove, we envisioned a space that would welcome all girls with open arms, assisting them with any and all of their beauty needs. From braids to brows, we’ve got your back. We’re just two girls here to support other girls… and dang we’ll have one heck-of-a-time doing it!

Storytime! A little background on how LookLove came to be starts back in 2015 when Sabrina and I met while working for Be Pretty, a bridal hair and makeup company in Charlotte, NC. We worked alongside one another for about 4 years until one day we had a conversation about what our long term goals and aspirations were, only to realize entrepreneurship was a must-have in both our career plans. From that, came LookLove. Fast forward a few months with many conversations over cocktails, a trip of a lifetime to Spain, and a gazillion photoshoots later, we created something that we are beyond proud of.

The most popular question we get is “Do you work every weekend?” and the answer is always, happily! There is something to be said for never experiencing the Sunday-scaries or Monday blues. Quite honestly, that feeling of joy instead of dread when we wake up to work every day stems from us truly loving our jobs. A 5am wake-up call on a Saturday morning to spend the day working with amazing women and making them feel and look their best is something that we feel lucky to be able to call a workday.

Whether you’re getting married, having a girls night, or attending a birthday party, we want to meet you and create a look that is to die for. What we do isn’t just hair and makeup; It’s making women feel so good they think they have just won America’s Next Top Model circa Tyra Banks reign and have confidence beaming from their fingertips. LookLove is here to give you whatever boost you need to make running into an ex on a good hair day that much more satisfying. Call us, beep us if you wanna reach us!

Xo, C + S



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